6 Amazing Tech Gifts for Grandparents

Your older relatives don’t need any more socks or that adult coloring book you’ve had your eye on. Surprise them, instead. It doesn't have to be difficult to pick out gifts for grandparents. Why not offer them tech gifts that are unique and they probably don't already have? Giving them tech gifts will help your grandparents feel like they are a part of today’s innovations. Here are our six picks for the best tech gifts for grandparents and parents.

For the Hug-Loving Grandma: Long Distance Friendship Lamps

When you turn one lamp on, the other one lights up, no matter where in the world it is. You can give one to your grandmother and keep the other for yourself, or give it to a younger relative . Then, your grandmother can tell you she is thinking of you with a simple tap on her lamp. Your grandmother can act as the ‘nightlight’ a child needs from her own home. Every grandparent wants their family to feel safe, and now they can be connected through this gift that comes in pairs.

For the Animal-Loving Grandparent: Joy for All Companion Pets

Companion Pets look similar to stuffed animals but have built-in sensors and speakers, so they react to your touch and voice by moving, purring or barking, helping to combat loneliness in older adults. These pets even have heartbeats! The furry friends bring the interactive companionship, happiness, and purpose associated with owning a pet, without the responsibility or chewed-up slippers.

For the Social Butterfly Grandmother

: OneClick.chat

Finally, a video chat solution for older adults. OneClick.chat is so easy to use, you only need ‘one click’ to connect with friends and family. A NIH-funded study proved that it may improve health outcomes by socializing through a video format, and it’s especially important to use online methods to fight loneliness during COVID-19. Best of all, OneClick.chat does not require users to download any software or use logins, allowing access to chat rooms with a shareable URL. Your family’s smiles are just one click away. Get social with OneClick.chat!

For the One Who Loves Photo Albums: Skylight’s Smart Frame

Have a photo of your family instantly appear in the picture frame on your desk. How? Simple, just by using Skylight’s Smart Frame and your email address. You can display old photos from your past or a picture your grandparents sent you that morning from across the country. No need to wait or pay to print and frame photos anymore! Choose to show off one picture or a slideshow of the whole family.

To Ease a Worried Family Member’s Mind: Parade Connect Smart Sneakers

Worried that your older relative may fall? These new sneakers, called Parade Connect, can help ease your mind and call for help in case of an emergency. These sneakers vibrate when an older adult falls, and, if the wearer does not get up or move, a message and their location is sent to a loved one or caretaker so they can come and check on the older adult.

For the Family History Buff: Ancestry DNA Test Kit

Family history is a great conversation starter and a point of pride for many older adults. Ancestry DNA’s test kit allows for a family to see their whole genealogy and personalized health reports based on genetics. To see a map of your heritage and ways your family traveled around the world, complete the kit and view the results on your smartphone or computer. Your family might learn that your grandmother who claims to be half Italian may actually have more German in her.

We hope you enjoyed reading about our favorite tech gifts for grandparents! These tech gifts will help your grandparents stay connected, show off the family, and help your family feel less lonely during COVID-19. Technology is for everyone, so let’s make our older relatives feel cared for by getting them simple tech gifts they can actually use.

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