Answering Your Most Frequently Asked Questions About OneClick.Chat Live Events

What are breakout groups? How do people use them?

Breakout groups are a unique feature we use to engage your audience. With the click of a button, the presenter of an event may send the entire audience into small video chat breakout groups to discuss a topic further, work on a task or socialize. You get to control the size of the group, and how they’re sorted (more on this below).

How are breakout groups sorted?

By default, the breakout groups are sorted randomly. However, a presenter can use a multiple choice question to sort the groups. Participants would be asked the polling question upon entering the event, and similar answers would be put into the same group. For example, I might ask my participants what their favorite genre is, and then breakout groups would be sorted based on if they chose horror, romance, or nonfiction.

Presenters have total control of what the polling question is, and breakout groups can have anywhere from two to six people in them, depending on your organization’s needs.

What devices can I use? is web-based, so it works on both desktop and mobile devices, without any downloads. If you’re accessing the event from a mobile device, you’ll need to use the browser that’s native to your device--Chrome for Android or Safari for Apple.

How many people can be in my audience?

Thousands! We designed this platform so that large audiences have a unique opportunity to engage with the presenter, but also with one another during the interactive breakout groups.

How do I invite people to join my event?

All you do is send them the link you’ll get once the event is created. When it’s time for the event, they’ll just click it, and they’re good to go--no downloads, no log-ins.

Are events recorded?

Up to you! The presentation can be recorded and stored on the event landing page for easy access. The presenter decides if others can watch the replay.

What does it cost to host a Live Event?

Right now, your first Live Event with is on us! Just create an account and go to this link to get started.

After your first event, is subscription-based; we offer unlimited events for one monthly price, and discount the cost by 20% if you choose an annual plan. For more details, visit our events pricing page.