About OneClick.chat

There’s nothing like a real conversation. You know, the face-to-face kind, where you can explore a topic, learn something new, meet new people, collaborate, or just plain chat. And many people today are frustrated, because the technology we’ve been using to communicate lately is leaving them unsatisfied.

And that’s why video chat has doubled in usage for organizations over the last two years. It turns out real conversations just can’t be replicated using email and text-based platforms, because we need to see facial expressions, reactions, eye movements – body language –which makes up as much as 55% of natural human communication.

While video chat has been around for several years, by today’s standards, the giants in the industry seem bulky and unnecessarily complicated.

OneClick.chat is as easy as the name implies. Just one simple click on a link can bring you to a more meaningful video connection. There is nothing to download because it’s all web-based, using a brand-new technology.

Our OneClick technology offers two distinct products.

A great conversation is powerful, it can uplift and enlighten, challenge and excite.